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Film Diary: Shirkers (2018)

There’s a hard fact all movie lovers must accept: there are movies we will never see, no matter how badly we want to. They are forever lost. The majority of lost films are silent, and the reasons for their disappearances are multitude. But what about stolen films? Netflix’s Shirkers by Sandi Tan is one such…… Continue reading Film Diary: Shirkers (2018)

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Favorite films: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Today marks the 60th anniversary of Walt Disney’s moving painting! I was in middle school when I first watched Sleeping Beauty, and all these years later, I’m captivated by it still and its princess. (Side note: back when I had long hair, someone said I had Princess Aurora curls. Greatest compliment or greatest compliment?) There’s…… Continue reading Favorite films: Sleeping Beauty (1959)

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Robert Walker: a 100th birthday tribute

  It’s hard to believe that today is the 100th anniversary of Robert Walker’s birth. I was up precisely on the stroke of midnight and wished him a happy birthday, quietly. This day is important to me because Bobby is so important to me, for reasons almost too personal to share. There’s an overwhelming sadness…… Continue reading Robert Walker: a 100th birthday tribute

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Van’s two sides: Scene of the Crime (1949) and The Big Hangover (1950)

A very happy Van Johnson Day to you all! Today would’ve been the sunny hunk’s 102nd birthday. Today I’m looking at two of his films which feature two versions of Van, one familiar and the other unfamiliar. Join me, and see them for yourself if you haven’t. Scene of the Crime (1949) The boy next…… Continue reading Van’s two sides: Scene of the Crime (1949) and The Big Hangover (1950)

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Today’s gonna be a holiday.

Nothing reminds me of my joy quite like Roman Holiday. That’s why, even with its moments of melancholy, it’s one of my comfort movies. It’s actually the number one comfort movie for me, as well as my all time favorite. Each time I watch is like the very first time – and that was ten…… Continue reading Today’s gonna be a holiday.