Another Liebster!

The wonderful Christina has nominated me for another Liebster Award! It took me awhile to answer these questions, but they were a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much success nominating blogs the first time. So I’ll just nominate one of my best buddies, Keisha!

1 – Book you would most liked to have seen Alfred Hitchcock turn into a movie.
Jane Eyre! I think the moody Gothic atmosphere would have been well served by his vision. I haven’t seen the Orson Welles-Joan Fontaine version, but considering she worked with Hitchcock twice, that did factor into my answer. And although I love Mervyn Leroy and the 1956 film The Bad Seed, seeing Hitchcock’s take on that book is too irresistible.

2 – Book you would most like to see turned into a musical.
I was going to say, Harry Potter!, but that’s actually been ingeniously turned into A Very Potter Musical. Maybe a more straightforward Harry Potter musical, in addition to a weekly animated series.[Going off topic here]. I believe animation is the best medium to fully capture the scope of J.K. Rowling’s world, and it would definitely be an improvement over the films. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t particularly great either. Even though I have many favorite books, I can’t think of any that I’d want a musical version of. Maybe King Matt the First, by Janusz Korczak, which is a brilliant, satirical children’s book about a young boy who becomes king and proves to be wiser than the power hungry adults around him. Thank God Walt Disney adapted some of the greatest fairy tales into musicals, but if there’s a way to excise the offensive Native American images in Peter Pan, I’d love for that to be updated with newer songs.
3 – Favorite movie musical score or soundtrack?
This is liable to change, but my favorite soundtrack right now is Kiss Me Kate. My favorite scores are quite a few: Up, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, The Incredibles, Saving Mr. BanksRoman Holiday, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Dragonheart. I haven’t seen the latter film, but I once heard the score used in an Oscars broadcast and loved it.
4 – Stars you would have liked to have seen paired in a musical.
I spend a lot of time coming up with movie plots and casting my favorite people who never worked together, but since it’s musicals, I would have loved to see Eartha Kitt and Olga San Juan together.
5. Least favorite musical?
On an Island With You (1948) is literally the worst movie I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why it’s classified as a musical, the plot is just bookended by mostly uninspired songs (sorry Jimmy Durante). If you get past the disturbing plot of a man kidnapping his favorite movie star, feeling entitled to her affection and her gradual feelings for him despite her initial fear, it’s just poorly conceived and written. Peter Lawford, who I love, isn’t even menacing as the kidnapper, he’s just annoying. An annoying, creepy, whiny, childish boy. The highlights are Cyd Charisse and Ricardo Montalban’s INCREDIBLE dance routine, and Kathryn Beaumont in a minor role. Apparently, her performance in the film caught Walt Disney’s eye (ear?), and that’s how she came to voice Alice and Wendy. There’s also a weird subplot where Esther Williams (the movie star) and Cyd Charisse are playing Hawaiians in a film and they’re done up in really bad brown makeup.
The most Misleading Publicity Still (TM) to ever exist.


6 – If your life was turned into a musical biopic, would you rather be played by a singer or dancer?
Tough…my life as a musical (I’m swooning). I think I’d want a dancer.

7 – Classic movie you would most like to see on the big screen.
Kiss Me Kate… right now. It was originally screened in 3D and I’d love to see that version.

8 – Movie you would most like to see remade today.
I’m not a fan of remakes (why, Disney), but remaking a popular work with racially diverse casts is something I’m always up for. A remake of Show Boat with an actual black actress as Julie LaVerne would be ideal. (Yet I’m conflicted about having to see more racially charged black pain on film). I would love to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the following cast:

Oscar Isaac and Gugu Mbtha Raw as Oberon and Titania
Denzel Washington and Angela Bassett as Theseus and Hippoltya
Gina Rodriguez and John Boyega as Hermia and Lysander
Nicole Beharie and Aiden Turner as Helena and Demetrius
Amandla Stenberg as Puck

9 – Best book you’ve read in the last year.
The third installment of the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series, Library of Souls.

10 – Which film recently made you reflect on it long after the credits were over?
The 1951 version of Show Boat wrecked me in the best way and I have many thoughts on it to come in a future post.
11 – Who is your favorite composer?
It’s a tie between Michael Giacchino and Thomas Newman.
My questions:
  1. What’s your dream job from a film? (As in, a job a character has in a film that you’d want for yourself).
  2. Which Classic Hollywood star would you most like to dance with?
  3. What’s the most number of times you’ve watched a single film?
  4. A film that makes you cry no matter what.
  5. The most delicious looking food you’ve ever seen in a film.
  6. Which live action film would you like to see animated?
  7. Do you share a birthday with any classic or modern film stars/influential/famous people?
  8. Best movie based on historical events.
  9. Which director (s) would you want to direct a movie about your life?
  10. What movie do you most want to live in?
  11. Favorite Audrey Hepburn era (I’m talking hair, clothes, movies, all that)!

4 thoughts on “Another Liebster!

  1. Thanks for such wonderfully thoughtful answers! It was a pleasure to read your thoughts. I so agree that On An Island With You is pretty terrible. Whenever I watch it, I skip literally everything except the dances between Ricardo Montalban and Cyd Charisse! 🙂

    Jane Eyre by Alfred Hitchcock would be cool! Did you see the one with Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles? It's pretty good, but Hitchcock might have made it even more memorable.

    Would you like to see an updated Peter Pan as a live-action film or animated?

    I would so love to dance with Fred Astaire!…even if he did find my dancing something inferior. 🙂 Though it would be lovely to dance with Ricardo Montalban, too.


  2. Man I practically despise On an Island with You (TCM was cruel enough to play it on my birthday this year lol). The plot doesn't live up to the cast's potential, and there's just so much badness in it I can't believe it exists. At least Cyd and Ricardo give it some redeeming qualities.

    On a much better note, your dream cast for A Midsummer Night's Dream is perfection! I keep scrolling back to it and wishing it were real. If Hollywood knew what was good for them they'd get on this now.

    I'll get around to answering your questions by the weekend (hopefully!).


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