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Hitchcock tag

Classics and Craziness is hosting an Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, and while I’m not participating, I decided to answer her questionnaire instead. I do plan on checking out the posts and you should too!

What was the first Hitchcock film you ever watched?

Rear Window! I still remember the day vividly. I was home from school, by myself, and the sky outside was already beginning to darken. Sitting alone in the dark watching it was a nerve wracking experience, but in the best way. Sometimes we like being scared and Hitchcock knew this.

What’s your favorite Hitchcock film?

Right now it’s Strangers on a Train. But I would have to say that it’s tied between the former film, Rebecca (my first love), Spellbound, The Lady Vanishes, and Stage Fright.

What’s your least favorite Hitchcock film?


What’s your favorite Hitchcock cameo?

From Lifeboat.

Who’s your favorite Hitchcock villain?

Bruno Antony.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 8.03.35 PM


L.B. Jeffries


The second Mrs. DeWinter and Charlie Newton from Shadow of a Doubt.


What’s your favorite Hitchcock quote?

“Dying together is even more personal than living together.” -Connie Porter, Lifeboat

And, finally, how many Hitchcock films have you watched?



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