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One Lovely Blog Award


Thanks again to Paul for nominating me! I learn a lot from Paul’s blog and I smile a lot reading it too. He writes with so much passion about Disney and Steven Spielberg. If you’re getting in the Halloween spirit, be sure to visit his Disney themed Halloween posts. I did and I can’t wait for more to make Spooktober even…spookier…with a dash of that Disney magic.

Without further ado, seven facts about myself:

  1. I’m the youngest of three. There’s a seven year age difference between each of us (my sister turns 33 today)! My brother was 15 when I was born, and my cousins were all around the same age or older, so everyone calls me Baby. It’s something Lauren Bacall and I have in common. ^_^ Most of the little kids in my family are always astonished to learn that Baby isn’t my real name. Simoa?? Who’s that?!
  2. Speaking of my real name, I actually share it with three other cousins. It was my paternal grandmother’s name and I was the second one christened, but then my uncle named my cousin who’s a year younger than me Simoa. We also have the same last name, so you can imagine how confusing it was for school officials and such when we had to fill out forms for school. Thankfully we didn’t attend the same schools!
  3. I’m a Sunday School teacher for an eighth grade class. It’s actually fun since they’re not ~too cool for school~ teenagers and I love being able to dialogue with them about faith.
  4. I’ve traveled to Cape Verde (my parents’ home country) and Australia. Here in the states I’ve been to California (my dream home), New York, and Florida (Jacksonville, which is lovely, and Orlando).
  5. I’m writing a young adult novel. I began it in the summer of 2012 and I’m very close to finishing it. As of right now, there are 22 chapters and 218 pages. Pretty excited about it!
  6. I became an aunt when I was ten years old. My oldest niece turns 16 in January, about a week before my birthday. She has the same birthday as Jose Ferrer and Elvis, also.
  7. I share my birthday with the fabulous Eartha Kitt! (As well as Muhammad Ali and James Earl Jones, but you know, queens only). 🙂



My nominations:

  • Mari Rose of Merry Woes, who is one of my dearest friends writing her own book and who I’m happy to see back on wordpress.
  • J.M. Anne of Vintage Anne who is one of the most extraordinary people I know, another dear friend I’ve known for years.
  • Fritzi of Movies Silently who is a witty silent film expert always broadening my knowledge (and ever growing movie watch list!), always making me laugh, and always giving me hope that we can one day take D.W. Griffith off his pedestal.
  • Michaela of Love Letters to Old Hollywood who writes such in depth essays about her favorite films that never fail to make me smile.
  • Millie of Classic Forever. I met her years ago on the TCM message boards and she is just sunshine, hilarious all of the time, smart, big hearted, not at all deranged…
  • Christina, who is another eloquent writer with vast knowledge of movie musicals and a really positive force on the internet.
  • Kyle of Kyle Loves Animation More, because I love learning more about animation, and Kyle never runs out of interesting things to say, or enthusiasm.

As always, there are rules for these awards:

  1. Write a blog post accepting your nomination.
  2. Show the blogger who nominated you how much you love them by thanking them in the post and linking to their blog.
  3. Tell us seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate other blogs that you think are totally rad.
  5. Let the bloggers you’ve nominated know about they’ve received an award.
  6. Post the rules again to let those bloggers know how it works.

17 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Congratulations on your novel! I’ve dabbled in novel-writing a few times over the years but I always stopped after the first couple chapters, so I really admire your persistence. I hope you’re able to get it published once you finish writing it. 🙂

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  2. Those are some amazing people to share a birthday with! I always felt left out, because no on seemed to share my birthday, but I finally looked it up and found I shared it with Mata Hari and Billie Burke. 🙂

    I wish you much success with your novel!! That is awesome. I’ve always been very curious how people put together their novels. Do you plan everything out before with detailed outlines or know how long it will be ahead of time or let things develop more organically?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I do outlines that are more like rough sketches. I let it develop organically in the actual process of writing. I finally understood what authors mean about knowing beforehand how the book will end. Once that was settled, I found writing it and being close to finishing it much easier. 🙂

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      1. I really think so. Because once you know the end, you’re more aware of how best to reach it, if that makes sense. Since I’ve spent 4 years on this, I’ve done the one thing everyone cautions you against doing, which is scrapping everything and starting over, lol. So it took about 4 rewrites, lots more outlines, and a complete overhaul of the actual story (deciding on teenage protagonists and the YA genre) to get where I am. Hope that wasn’t too much of a long winded answer!

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  3. Thanks for the nomination! I finally scraped together 7 things, but gee was it hard (I feel like I have a pathological struggle with actually talking about myself when asked on the spot lol).

    Your birthday twins are like so much cooler than my birthday twins! I’ve also taught Sunday School – did so for years and years, but mainly at the daycare age.

    Best of luck with your novel! Ever since the whole Tom and Van thing like I just want to write a gay romance set in Old Hollywood with fictional actors dealing with issues like the threat of blacklisting if they refuse to separate/not get married to someone/etc. Like go away plot bunny go away. (and I’d be picturing Tom and Van the whole time probably.)

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    1. We really have the same brain because I’ve been thinking of it a lot too. And ~fantasy~ aside, I think a romance between the two of them is plausible. I had an idea about a pregnant starlet who is pressured into a lavender marriage with an actor and how that affects them both. Honestly, it’s a fascinating subject to tackle.

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      1. I feel like it would be nice in general to bring back period pieces of this time. I mean that setting could be the next fantasy or space or dystopian backdrop. You could do steampunk 30s/40s, you could do the stuff we’re talking about that tackles real life of what it was like to live then, you could do time traveling or scifi fics involving the era. I mean it’s such a rich period to play with and/or go ‘what if’ with imo. People already do this with the 80s and Victorian period A LOT so I root for 30s/40s and especially old Hollywood.

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      2. Yeah I always think about alternate history, and if slavery and Jim Crow didn’t exist. And then how that could shape Hollywood. Still toying with the idea of a black actress in Classic Hollywood who would only deal with sexism as opposed to sexism AND racism, and be able to truly thrive. Like, what a loss that screwball comedies and other genre films only had white people at the center.
        I love being able to discuss this with you!

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      3. OMG I would love to read that. Like a LOT. Because too often feminism doesn’t intersect with the struggles of woc and so it would be nice to see a woc deal with feminism as a woc – even if racism isn’t an issue her race would still lend to varied personal experiences AS she confronts the sexism just the same as a white woman has her own varied experiences when confronting it. And just, yes, seeing a black actress thrive in that era – especially – in screwball would have been divine!

        Same ♥

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