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The Sunshine Blogger Award


Another award, and this time nominated by wonderful Michaela of Love Letters to Old Hollywood! Thanks so much for the nomination. This is similar to the Liebster Award, where you answer 11 questions and come up with 11 of your own. Here are Michaela’s questions.

Favorite comedic Cary Grant role?
Mortimer Brewster in Arsenic and Old Lace. Cary Grant had such impeccable comic timing and was so great at physical comedy, which Arsenic has in abundance. One of my favorite lines of anything is when he’s shouting on the phone with an operator, trying to reach the sanitarium. Certainly it’s not the film’s most famous or funny, but his delivery of it really gets me every time.

It starts at 1:24, but the entire clip is pure gold.

Who was Gene Kelly’s best partner?
I’m going to be biased and say Cyd Charisse, even if they only danced together in two films. But the dance sequences in those films justify my answer. Not to mention what he wanted inscribed on his tombstone:

“Here lies Gene Kelly. He danced with Cyd Charisse.”


Favorite foreign film?
La Belle et La Bete (1946)

Current music obsession?
I guess Jerome Kern songs. I’ve been listening to songs from Till the Clouds Roll By nonstop. My favorites are the title song performed by Ray McDonald, “Who?” performed by Judy Garland, “I Won’t Dance” by Lucille Bremer and Van Johnson, and “Leave it to Jane”/”Cleopatterer” by June Allyson. I still want to write about the film and all the musical numbers more in depth.

Favorite screwball comedy?
Bringing Up Baby, which I do own on DVD but still watched on the plane to Miami this past weekend. I’ve come away with an entirely new appreciation and perspective after watching it.

William Powell or Dick Powell?
Hmm! I used to have a really big crush on Dick Powell and he was married to June Allyson…and I love him as the boyish crooner of the 1930s and later on as the hardboiled film noir protagonist. But I’ll choose Bill Powell because I’m always thrilled to see him in a new film and I love how debonair and deadpan he was.

Best movie snack?
At the movie theater, it’s peanut m&ms, at home it’s chips ahoy, usually crushed up in a bowl with milk. It’s basically cereal…basically.

Current TV obsession?
Murder, She Wrote is such a delight. I still have to finish the first season and start watching it regularly again. And so many of my favorite people guest starred on it.

Jessica Fletcher is a fashion icon and what I aspire to be. I want to be a celebrated novelist who solves murder mysteries. I’ve seen a handful of Angela Lansbury’s films this year too, particularly from the 1940s, and I’ve grown more fond of her.

Favorite Beatle?
I don’t actually listen to the Beatles, but I will say Paul McCartney because I love his two songs with Michael Jackson. “Say Say Say” is one of my eternal bops!

Which Pink Panther flick is your favorite?
I haven’t seen any, unfortunately.

Favorite film that takes place in Paris?
Silk Stockings is the first to come to mind.

I nominate:

Cinema Cities

Vintage Anne

Musings of a Classic Film Addict

My questions:

  1. Favorite film you’ve watched on a plane?
  2. Favorite film with mythological creatures?
  3. Favorite place to watch movies?
  4. Favorite genre?
  5. Is there an actor/actress you didn’t love immediately but now do?
  6. Is there a film you’d recast? Which actors would you choose?
  7. Do you prefer watching movies by yourself or with others?
  8. Your favorite wardrobe designer?
  9. Which object in a Disney/Pixar film would you most like to own? (i.e. stuff like Cinderella’s slipper, the Beast’s magic mirror)
  10. An animated character that inspires you?
  11. Films you’re looking forward to?

Happy answering!


3 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Great answers! I forgot Gene said that about his tombstone — it’s lovely that he thought that much of Cyd. That’s funny about watching Bringing Up Baby on your flight despite having it on DVD. I did the exact same thing this summer, mainly because I was really excited that the airline had it available to watch. As for Till the Clouds Roll By, I was super thrilled with the movie until Van showed up to sing “I Won’t Dance.” I may have squealed when his adorable face appeared…

    I like your questions, too! I always find that to be the hardest part of these awards. In regards to what film(s) I’m looking forward to, have you heard about La La Land, with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling? The trailers look amazing and all of the festival reviews have been glowing. I can’t wait until December to see it!


    1. Isn’t his voice so wonderful too?? And all that energy in his dancing…
      I agree, it is the hardest part, but I’m glad I got some good ones.
      And La La Land is one I’m looking forward to! An homage to old school musicals? I’m there.


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