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Announcing the June Allyson Centenary blogathon!

I am excited to announce my first blogathon, dedicated to June Allyson’s 100th birthday in October! June Allyson is one of my ultimate favorites, America’s Sweetheart with the froggy voice. I don’t think she gets enough love.


She worked her magic on me and I’ve been enamored with her for close to two years now. My introduction to her actually happened around the anniversary of her birth.

In her own words:

“I have big teeth. I lisp. My eyes disappear when I smile. My voice is funny. I don’t sing like Judy Garland. I don’t dance like Cyd Charisse. But women identify with me. And while men desire Cyd Charisse, they’d take me home to meet Mom.”

If you love Junie, if you find her endearing rather than annoying, her voice unique and not grating, this is the blogathon for you! Help me celebrate her 100 years on October 7, 2017. I’ll be accepting entries related to any aspect of her life and career.

Since I’ve got first dibs, the film I’ll be writing about is Too Young to Kiss (1951), along with a general tribute post.


  1. No more than 2 duplicates. Junebug’s filmography isn’t that extensive, but she made a good amount to avoid this issue. I can’t have you all writing about Little Women! Here’s a handy dandy list of her films.
  2. Leave a comment here with your URL and choice of topic.
  3. Post your entry on the days of the blogathon (October 5-7).
  4. Advertise with one of the spiffy banners made by Anne, one of the best June devotees I know! Seriously, aren’t they amazing?!
  5. Have fun!

june banner 4

june banner 3

june banner 2

june banner 5

june banner 1

List of participants:

Champagne for Lunch: Too Young to Kiss (1951) and tribute post
Maddylovesherclassicfilms: Little Women (1949)
Love Letters to Old Hollywood: The Bride Goes Wild (1948)
Christina Wehner: Executive Suite (1954)
Hometowns to Hollywood: Good News (1947)
Anybody Got a Match?: Music for Millions (1944)
Taking Up Room: Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)
Vintage Anne: The Reformer and the Redhead (1950)
Vitaphone Dreamer: Good News (1947)
Caftan Woman: June’s television appearances on Burke’s Law (Who Killed Beau Sparrow?) and Murder, She Wrote (Hit, Run and Homicide).
Reelweegiemidget Reviews: Curse of The Black Widow (1977)
Critica Retro: My Man Godfrey (1958)
Pure Entertainment Preservation Society: You Can’t Run Away From It (1956)

See you all in October!



24 thoughts on “Announcing the June Allyson Centenary blogathon!

  1. How’s it going?

    I’m glad that someone is recognizing June Allyson for what an amazing actress she was Anywho, would it be alright if I write about Music for Millions from 1944?

    I write at Anybody Got a Match? (



  2. Those are the ugliest banners I’ve ever seen. Ever. But whatever I guess I’ll sign up too if I /must/. You probably already know what predictable little ol me is going with too…

    Reformer and the Redhead

    obviously doing this at (since I seem to pretend I’m a relevant blogger and write stuff there every three months, this will be just in time for my next post…)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll be daring enough to volunteer to wacth and review My Man Godfrey – the 1958 remake with Juen and David Niven. Will I survive the experience? We shall discover in October.
    Le from Critica Retro

    Liked by 1 person

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