My first fundraiser

Hello everyone!

As the title of this post indicates, I’m hosting my first fundraiser. It’s for an organization that I’m especially proud to support, and I hope this will bring it to more people’s attention.

Preemptive Love Coalition does really invaluable work in regions devastated by war and terrorism. They are committed to equipping the people they help with the resources and tools to improve their own lives. For example, when foreign doctors came into Iraq to operate on the children there, the local surgeons were pushed aside. Founder Jeremy Courtney opted for a different way. 

“We settled on a different approach, partnering with foreign medical teams and local doctors and nurses to build Iraq’s capacity to provide high quality cardiac care. Teams of foreign doctors spend thousands of hours training local medical staff—and then hand them the reins. As a result, children’s lives are being saved in hospitals across Iraq—and now, around the world—even after our teams have left.

By partnering locally, we were able to accomplish so much more than we could alone.”

My fundraiser, 921 Dae Dreams, is part of a project for a member of the kpop group, EXO. While I love all the members, Jongdae, stage name Chen, is one I’m especially fond of. Naturally I felt even more compelled to contribute to this project in anticipation of his birthday on September 21st. The goal is to unite his fans from around the globe in various charitable acts, including blood donations. You can learn more about the project here

Because of his 9/21 birthday, I’m asking that everyone donate $9.21. The link to my fundraiser page is here. Reaching my goal would make this fundraiser a success, but having more people support Preemptive Love would make me even happier. We feel helpless sometimes watching or reading the news, and might be tempted to look away. After all, these every day atrocities happen so far from home. Preemptive Love reminds me not to look away. I hope it’ll help more people to look straight on, and love too. 

Please share with as many people as you can! 


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