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2017 Blind Spots: The Birds (1963)


Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedren) travels to the fishing town of Bodega Bay to deliver a pair of lovebirds to Mitch Brenner. The two only met each other the day before in a bird store, and right away there was friction. But Melanie arrives by boat, and is immediately attacked by a seagull, deliberately, Mitch observes. There is no explanation for the bird’s behavior, and similar incidents follow. A seagull crashes into the door of teacher Annie Hayworth’s house, and gulls also attack the children at Mitch’s younger sister’s birthday party. Birds invade the Brenner home by flying en masse through the chimney, and they even kill a man. And soon the entire town is under attack by these avian predators, resulting in wholesale destruction.



Birds are not to be messed with. They are actually dinosaurs. Those beady eyes, the claws and talons…they truly are frightening creatures. Seagulls should be harmless, but they attack Bodega Bay in large numbers too. Leave it to Hitchcock to make these sea birds literal monsters. Joining the gulls are crows, and a gathering of crows is referred to as a murder of crows. I wonder if Hitchcock was aware of that.


The Birds functions as both horror and monster movie. It’s even more unsettling because there’s no reason for the attacks. During the film’s apocalyptic climax, blame falls directly onto Melanie’s shoulders. A woman accuses her of being the cause. She’s evil. The birds began to attack when she arrived in town. Is there some faint misogyny here? Melanie is fond of pranks but she’s hardly evil. There’s nothing about her character that suggests she should be held responsible. Unless it’s the fact that she’s not a saintly woman.


Tippi Hedren gives such a fantastic performance, which is no small feat considering the film’s campy potential. (And the treatment she was subject to offscreen by Hitchcock). It’s amazing to me that The Birds has held up so well after all these years. The special effects are laughable, yet the film is downright gruesome. I’m ambiguous about the ending, however. It ends quietly, ominously, as the Brenners and Melanie make an escape from the house even as hundreds of birds surround the house. Maybe it’s the only ending fitting such a mysterious and bizarre film.

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7 thoughts on “2017 Blind Spots: The Birds (1963)

  1. Great film! It’s creepy and has so many scary moments. After I first saw this I was very wary if I saw any birds anywhere! I love this one for the story, but my main reason to continue to love it is the relationship between Mitch and Melanie, Rod and Tippi had amazing chemistry.

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  2. I’m a fan of this film and I’m sure Hitchcock knew that a group of crows is a murder…if anyone would know that, Hitchcock would, lol!

    This is a scary film to me, not so much the film itself, but the concept. I’m personally uncomfortable around birds, so if I were on this island, I can only imagine how I would have reacted!

    Apparently in the book that this is based on, the reason for the birds going crazy had something to do with the tides. But, Hitchcock purposefully left this unexplained in the film.

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  3. I saw the birds in junior high.At lunchtime we would see 1/2 hour of the movie every day. Great horror movie. I have watched it again and still check the doors and windows.
    Is it true Hitchcock tied real birds to peck at her in the attack scene?
    I have heard he was quite sadistic to his leading ladies.


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