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Van Johnson’s big break: A Guy Named Joe (1943)

Peter Lawford and John Hodiak were both charming and handsome. They were not, however, Van Johnson. But why make this distinction? I love all three men. Peter Lawford was a better actor than most people remember and John Hodiak simply isn’t remembered enough. To be honest though, Van was special. He just had that certain…… Continue reading Van Johnson’s big break: A Guy Named Joe (1943)

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Favorite films: Thousands Cheer (1943)

MGM’s extravagant, star filled musical is a tonic of good cheer that’s very close to my heart. I watched it one night after some miserable days. Musicals always brighten my mood, so I hoped Thousands Cheer would do the trick. It did, and then some. Although the plot leaves a lot to be desired, the…… Continue reading Favorite films: Thousands Cheer (1943)