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To Brooklyn, on her 100th birthday

“My life has been about surviving. Along the way, I also became an artist.” Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was destined for stardom. In The Hornes: An American Family, an inspiring record of family history and achievement, Lena’s daughter Gail Buckley maintained that Lena inherited her star potential. The Hornes were already stars. They weren’t athletes…… Continue reading To Brooklyn, on her 100th birthday

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An education: Losing Ground (1982)

I pledged to watch 52 films by women this year, and watched my first this past week. Directed by Kathleen Collins, Losing Ground was also a perfect chance to see a mostly unknown indie film about a black woman directed by a black woman. Kathleen Collins was only 46 when she died of breast cancer…… Continue reading An education: Losing Ground (1982)