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Opiseu (2015)

“The office is filled with wolves, waiting to rip each other into pieces.” Horror movies usually aren’t comfort movies. My threshold for horror is pretty low. I just can’t stomach gore. So it’s a little ironic that I love the South Korean thriller/horror movie Opiseu (Office) as much as I do. I watched it repeatedly…… Continue reading Opiseu (2015)

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Film diary: Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)

The phrase make way for tomorrow is a little deceptive. Consider the lyrics to the Jerome Kern song: Let’s keep on singing, “Make way for tomorrow!” The sun is bringing a new day tomorrow It can mean the promise of a new day, but ‘make way’ also means to move out of the way. Move…… Continue reading Film diary: Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)

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Emotional Commotion

It’s been a little over two months since I wrote here last. Two very long and grueling months. My motivation to write disappeared, as did any enjoyment of it. I struggle with depression, so that’s the main reason. I’ve been able to write while experiencing these episodes before, forcing myself to type, always feeling that…… Continue reading Emotional Commotion

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2017 Blind Spots: Frankenstein (1931)

To celebrate Halloween, my blind spot for the month is the James Whale Universal horror classic, Frankenstein.     Dr. Henry Frankenstein (Colin Clive) is mad with one singular purpose: to create a man with his own hands, to play God essentially. He has built a man with assorted dead body parts and the brain…… Continue reading 2017 Blind Spots: Frankenstein (1931)