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Someone call the doctor!: Three Men in White (1944)

The medical profession is one of the most exciting to explore on screens big and small. Hollywood has a tendency to glamorize doctors and emergency rooms. This is not the case with Three Men in White, but it does take a somewhat lighthearted approach to the field of medicine and the lives of doctors. Dr.…… Continue reading Someone call the doctor!: Three Men in White (1944)

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5 Stars! for National Classic Movie Day

Happy National Classic Movie Day, everyone! What a day! I’m so glad to be officially celebrating it this year, as this post is for Classic Film and TV Cafe’s 5 Stars blogathon. The objective is simple (ha!); write about five favorite classic stars. I wanted to write about actors and actresses I don’t write about often…… Continue reading 5 Stars! for National Classic Movie Day

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Revisit: Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)

I read a blog post about Two Girls and the Sailor, where the author was underwhelmed by the film and disappointed that he had nothing to write about. It was just two hours of filler that he couldn’t adequately review. But for me, writing about this film doesn’t pose any problems at all. I love…… Continue reading Revisit: Two Girls and a Sailor (1944)

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Month in Movies: February

Happy March, everyone! Spring is just around the corner. To celebrate its eventual arrival, here’s one of my favorite pictures of Audrey. She loved Spring best too. My movie watching last month was particularly dismal, with only 14 new to me films. However! I did make it to the theater to see the uproariously entertaining…… Continue reading Month in Movies: February

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My year with Van Johnson

“He’s good. It’s written all over him.” -The Big Hangover (1950) 2016 marked Van Johnson’s centennial on August 25th. Was it coincidence or fate that I fell in love with him this year? Seems like it was something I just had to do, and 100 years of his birth was the occasion for it. I watched…… Continue reading My year with Van Johnson