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Month in Movies: March

March got me back in the groove of movie watching, with 31 new to me films. I made it to the theater twice, and was even treated to a free screening of The Women (1939) at the arthouse movie theater. Seeing it like that on the big screen made me love it way more. This…… Continue reading Month in Movies: March

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Audrey Hepburn: Star of the Month

Audrey Hepburn, the star of my heart, gets a month long tribute in June on TCM! As a perfect antidote to Monday doldrums, TCM will be airing her films on every Monday throughout the month. Thanks to Keisha, who first announced the news on twitter, I also have a schedule of what films will be…… Continue reading Audrey Hepburn: Star of the Month

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My year with Van Johnson

“He’s good. It’s written all over him.” -The Big Hangover (1950) 2016 marked Van Johnson’s centennial on August 25th. Was it coincidence or fate that I fell in love with him this year? Seems like it was something I just had to do, and 100 years of his birth was the occasion for it. I watched…… Continue reading My year with Van Johnson

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Month in Movies: November

Somehow I watched 40 new-to-me films this month. I expected the number to drop because too much was happening, but I just always make time for movies, I guess. And the movies are still the greatest tonics I have for the blues. I didn’t really participate in Noirvember and only watched maybe three noirs. Also…… Continue reading Month in Movies: November

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Trailblazing Women in Film 2016

When I wrote about what Classic Hollywood films taught me, I included a section of women from that era who inspire me and made a difference even though they were usually hindered and exploited by men and a sexist, hostile culture. The same is still true in Hollywood today of course. There were thirty women…… Continue reading Trailblazing Women in Film 2016